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Research Anaesthesiology

Main Topics:

Clinical Research:

The clinical research is conducted partially in collaboration with other clinics of high international reputation like the Anaesthesia Department of the University Children Hospital Zürich headed by Prof. Markus Weiss. Clinical research represents an important main topic of our research due to the immediate clinical correlation to our daily work with our patients. Clinical research is divided in research on human models (healthy volunteers) and research on the patients. In the first case, special questions are analysed on a standardised model (pain model, ischemia-reperfusion model, sedation model) before we think about a research in the more complicated clinical setting. Research on the human model are always minimal invasive and are always conducted in an environment which offers access to all medical support and always under supervision of a clinical anaesthetist to guarantee for the volunteer’s integrity. The clinical studies are always conducted in consideration of the guidelines for good clinical practice (GCP).

For more information on the different interest fields see sub-chapter

Laboratory Research:

Laboratory research is divided in research on animal models and research on cell cultures. Interesting questions on the effects of continuous infiltration of local anaesthetics and other commonly used drugs in anaesthesia on animal tissues are being developed in collaboration with the Anaesthesia Department of the University Children Hospital Zürich headed by Prof. Markus Weiss. An excellent collaboration also exists with the laboratory of Prof. Michael Zaugg who recently moved from the University Hospital Zürich to the University of Alberta (Canada), see sub-chapter. Our main Laboratory research has been developed in collaboration with the laboratory of Prof. Beatrice Beck-Schimmer, Institutes of Anaesthesiology and Physiology, University Zürich-Irchel. This important collaboration with a laboratory of high international reputation offers an excellent chance for own investigation on the different effects of drugs used in anaesthesia on the human tissue, see sub-chapter

Head of Anaesthesiology Research

Prof. Dr. med. Alain Borgeat

Principal Investigator of Anaesthesiology Research

Dr. med. José A. Aguirre

Responsible for Good Clinical Practice Quality

Dr. med. José A. Aguirre

Responsible for Clinical Research monitoring

Dr. med. Barbara Baulig Dr. med. Georgios Ekatodramis

Overview Education Program

Overview Education Program


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