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Orthopaedics Research


At Balgrist Orthopaedic University Hospital, we perform both experimental and patient-related research. Teams working in the domain of clinical research identify evaluation and treatment methods that are still unsatisfactory. These ‘problem areas are studied, and ideas for solutions are developed in cooperation with research institutes. Ideas for solutions are then examined to determine whether they are feasible and ethically permissible.

If we identify and develop new, very high-potential methods that do not put patients at risk, we carefully check them against all possible scientific and ethical criteria. If they pass the test, we share them with other medical institutions.

Researchers in the orthopaedic research laboratories study disease mechanisms using in vitro and animal models as well as living tissue and focus on a more detailed understanding of the disease processes such as metastasis of tumours, the undesired development of cells that form cartilage or bone or the deterioration of muscle cells. The aim of experimental orthopaedic research is to significantly improve the curative treatment of patients and to eventually prevent devastating disease processes such as tumour metastatsis. 


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