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Clinical research in orthopaedics

Teams working in the domain of clinical research identify evaluation and treatment methods that are still unsatisfactory. These ‘problem areas' are studied and ideas for solutions are developed in cooperation with research institutes. Ideas for solutions are then examined to determine whether they are feasible and ethically permissible.

If we identify and develop new, very high-potential methods that do not put patients at risk, we carefully check them against all possible scientific and ethical criteria. If they pass the test, we share them with other medical institutions.

Areas of research of the orthopaedic teams

Shoulder / Elbow

We are highly specialised in elbow and shoulder surgery and treat sports injuries, osteoarthritis and similar conditions (such as rheumatic diseases) and injuries resulting from accidents. The upper extremity research teams working at Balgrist University Hospital only address scientific questions arising from their own clinical experience. Furthermore, research is also conducted into problems that were identified at the clinic but that remain unexplained or have unexplained aspects.

On behalf of all other research projects, we would like to provide a more detailed overview of research into "recovery of muscle function after tendon rupture”.
(view PDF).

The hip teams research focuses on:

  • hip-supporting surgery (impingement)
  • osteoarthritis of the hip in young adults
  • radiological diagnosis on the hip
  • clinical studies into hip prosthetics
  • prosthesis-related infection


The knee team conducts research into clinical, biomechanical and prosthetics-related matters linked to the knee.

Our research focuses on:

  • complex tendon and ligament reconstructions
  • meniscus surgery
  • unicompartmental joint replacement


The foot surgery department conducts clinically-oriented research and fundamental anatomical and biomechanical research. For this aspect of our work, we cooperate closely with the biomechanics department and the Anatomical Institute at the University of Zurich. Our research aims to improve both surgical and conservative therapy methods.

Our research focuses on:

  • developing and validating finite element models of the foot
  • studying anatomical structures and new ways of access
  • clinical studies on different forms of therapy (both surgical and conservative)
  • developing and validating new evaluation scores for patients

Technical orthopaedics

In addition to our clinical activities, we contribute to interdisciplinary research into disabilities affecting the musculoskeletal system.

Our research focuses on:

  • diabetic foot
  • modern wound care
  • the effectiveness of orthopaedic aids

Focus of the spine team’s research:
correcting idiopathic scoliosis using short segment fixation

scoliosis after
X-ray images: scoliosis before / after



Please find the current research results in the area of sarcoma on the webpage of the sarcomboard Zurich (> Link).


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