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Research in the Paraplegic Centre

The research laboratory at Balgrist University Hospitals Paraplegic Centre is developing new treatment methods for paraplegics and tetraplegics and working on current fundamental research into spinal paralysis. Our research team includes expert kinesiologists, engineers, doctors and therapists, all of whom develop new knowledge, implement it and apply it for rehabilitation purposes. (organisation chart)

If you like to support our work, please follow this Link to our research trust. Thank you!

Our latest paper, published at Royal Society Open Science:

"Increasing cognitive load attenuates right arm swing in healthy human walking."
Mor information you can find here.

A bit older, in "Lancet Neurology": "Three-dimensional, task-specific robot therapy of the arm after stroke: a multicentre, parallel-group randomised trial." You will find more information here.

Prof. Dr. Armin Curt

Head of Research
Dr. Marc Bolliger

Deputy Head of Research
Dr. Michèle Hubli

Ackermann, Christine, Dr. phil., Scientific Coordinator
Stüssi, Monica, Assistant Medical Technician
Wanek, Johann, MSc, Technician / Engineer
Frei, Steve, Administrative Secretary

Tel. 044 510 72 06



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