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Welcome to Balgrist University Hospital!

Balgrist University Hospital is recognised worldwide as a highly specialised, leading centre of excellence for assessing, treating and following up on all types of musculoskeletal injuries. The clinic owes its first-rate international reputation to its unique combination of specialised medical services. The hospitals carefully balanced, interdisciplinary network brings together  medical specialisms ranging from orthopaedics, paraplegiology, radiology and anaesthesiology to rheumatology and physical medicine under one roof.

The clinics expertise in nursing and its wide range of therapies are complemented by social and psychological support services, legal services, professional integration measures, trial accommodation opportunities and a number of other services. Modern infrastructure, a magnificent location and excellent accessibility are just a few more of Balgrist University Hospitals advantages.



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Where to find us?

Universitätsklinik Balgrist
Forchstrasse 340
8008 Zürich
Tel.: 044 386 11 11
Fax: 044 386 11 09

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Universitätsklinik Balgrist
Forchstrasse 340
8008 Zürich

Phone 044 386 11 11



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