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Research and Education

Excellence in research and education is a distinguishing feature of Balgrist University Hospital. When it comes to examining, treating and following up on patients, we are setting new standards in modern orthopaedic care.


Our commitment to teaching guarantees that students, medical doctors looking for ongoing education, specialists and other medical experts can acquire the latest knowledge and skills with no delays and apply what they have learned.

In addition to our normal lectures and courses, we also offer various formats for ongoing education and advanced training depending on the time at disposal and the amount of detail required:


Whether at patients bedsides or in scientific laboratories, our university hospital is constantly researching unknown and non-understood phenomena and developing new solutions. These solutions are then being tested with the latest scientific methods and as soon as its potential and safety have been proven they are applied for the benefit of our patients. This approach allows Balgrist University Hospital to contribute to shaping the medicine of the future while ensuring that today's patients receive first-class care.


The Unit for Clinical and Applied Research (UCAR) is an internal, centralised relay station that monitors the clinical projects and developments in Balgrist and initiates expansions, reductions, mergers, collaborations and multi-discipline new projects.

The mission of UCAR is to enable all clinical research groups to achieve outstanding scientific results at the lowest possible administrative cost, through the coordination and expansion of its range of services. This should be achieved with optimum methodology both within the ethical and legal requirements of GCP (Good Clinical Practice) and the provisions of the new human research legislation.


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Chairs in Orthopaedics and Paraplegiology

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Events and congresses

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