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Before an elective procedure, we see patients in our anaesthesia clinic to discuss the best type of anaesthetic for their operations. Sometimes we will request further examinations and investigations, so that we can accurately assess any surgical or anaesthetic risks and take all the necessary measures to reduce such risks as far as possible.

In the operating theatre, we use the latest monitoring equipment together with various techniques for general or regional anaesthesia, to ensure that patients of all ages and all risk classes have safe anaesthetics during their operations. As a rule, options consist of a general anaesthetic, a regional anaesthetic, or a combination of the two. Every anaesthetic plan takes the patient’s wishes and expectations into account, as well as their general state of health.

Our expertise

Our expertise includes the use of regional anaesthetic techniques, which are very good for many orthopaedic procedures. We often leave a peripheral nerve catheter in place for a few days to relieve the pain as much as possible while patients are recovering from surgery. After the operation, we look after patients in the recovery room until they can be transferred to the ward with stable vital signs and minimal discomfort.

Some patients who have undergone major surgery and seriously ill patients may need to be on our intensive care unit for several days after the operation. At Balgrist, we are also skilled in the intensive care of patients in the Spinal Cord Injury Centre who require long-term mechanical ventilation.

Our pain services look after patients with pain catheters and analgesic pumps and advise the surgeons and nursing staff on the wards how to optimise the postoperative treatment of pain.

Our work is therefore considerably more extensive than is often thought. We are not just responsible for safe and effective anaesthetics during the operations themselves, but are also closely involved in the wide range of medical care that our patients need before and after surgery.

Teaching and research

Teaching and research are an important focus of our department. In this respect, we work together with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zurich, the Institute of Anaesthesiology at the Zurich University Hospital, Balgrist Campus research teams, the Institute of Physiology at the University of Zurich, and various other research groups, both national and international.


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