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Nursing education and training

Nurses in training are welcome in our team. After a thorough introductory phase, they are guided step by step into their future careers. Experienced nursing tutors and specialists guide and mentor the learning process. Against a background of extensive specialist knowledge and experience, they benefit from learning how to meet the many challenges professionally and efficiently.

Nursing staff in training can gain the necessary professional skills in an open and friendly working atmosphere. We place particular emphasis on linking theory with practice and developing a well-founded basic competence. There is enough learning time available to work through the curriculum.

In addition, we have an established feedback culture, so that our students and trainees can also gain key work-related personal and social skills that will prove useful in furthering their careers. We look forward to welcoming enquiring and motivated nursing students and trainees.

Bachelor of Science Nursing

Three years of full time study concludes with a BSc Nursing and a diploma as diplomierte Pflegefachperson FH. Balgrist University Hospital offers practical modules as part of the bachelor studies at Swiss technical universities.

Module C

In accordance with the regulations of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), we offer the possibility of a practical module C in an interesting medical specialty (orthopaedics, rheumatology, and spinal cord injury) to students who have gained a Bachelor of Science Nursing. In this way, we encourage graduates to apply, consolidate, and augment their earlier studies, as well as offering them the opportunity to acquire new specialist skills that will bring greater confidence when working as a graduate nurse.

We are happy to offer very generous salaries for this practical module. For more information, please contact Ms Judith Seitz, Head of Nursing Services, on +41 44 386 32 03.

Registered Nurse, Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education

Training lasts two years (for someone already holding a Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training) or three years. Half of the time is spent in the training centre and half in practical work. Students obtain the recognised qualification of Registered Nurse, Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education. 

We offer the following variants for students wishing to become registered nurses:

Direct employment:
We are happy to offer direct employment with good salaries to nurses studying for the Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education, when they want to remain at Balgrist for all the practical attachments throughout their training.

Assigned by the training centres:
Nurses studying for the Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education at the Careum and ZAG training centres are assigned to us for one or more practical attachments and they also benefit from good employment conditions.

These possibilities of studying for the Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education assume that the applicant passes the technical college eligibility tests.

Licensed Nurse, Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

Training lasts three years and concludes with a Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training. Trainees must be at least fifteen years old at the start of the course and have completed secondary school level B with mean grades of 5.0 in German and maths. Students from secondary school level A need mean grades of 4.5 in these two subjects. Please enclose the results of appropriate aptitude tests (Stellwerktest and Multicheck ‘Health and social’) and confirmation of work experience with your application.

We recommend those interested to gain practical work experience in a hospital setting and attend an information session in one of our training centres before applying for the course. 


If you have any questions, we will gladly be at your disposal.

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