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Exercise is the best medicine

Balgrist Move>Med brings together medical practices, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, training assessment and counselling, and a fitness centre, all under one roof.

Our team of doctors will examine you as an outpatient, without a specific referral from your doctor. You can make an appointment with us directly. We offer a second opinion service before elective surgery, efficient expert medical care after an accident, and professional sports medicine services. We are a wide-ranging specialist team with an outstanding medical network carefully built up and nurtured over many years.


Physiotherapy can offer help after accidents, operations (orthopaedic or trauma surgery, and cardiac surgery) and problems with strength or weight bearing. It’s not only important to treat symptoms but also to find out the cause and the best treatment using various techniques. The first thing in physiotherapy is to establish personal goals, whether short- or long-term.

Performance diagnostics

You’re training hard but don’t know whether you are working at the right target heart rate? You don’t do any sport but would like to start doing something good for your health? You want to run a marathon or don’t want to be overtaken by your children in the New Year’s Day fun run?

If you have difficulty breathing or a stitch in your side when you run, if your back or knees hurt when you go jogging, or you’d simply like a check-up: we’re here to help.

Balgrist Move>Med has the latest equipment and know-how in the field of elite sports. We offer professional advice for everyone regardless of their fitness level.

With the aid of lactate level performance testing, you can find the right range of exercise for efficient training. Our asthma and methacholine challenge tests will help overcome breathing difficulties. We can do lactate and fat measurements on the spot, or wherever it’s easiest for you, which is a big advantage for groups and clubs. Do someone a favour and send them one of our gift tokens.

Fitness training

A good idea: Balgrist Move>Med training centre with doctors and physiotherapists. At certain times, a specialist in sports medicine is available in the training centre to answer your questions.

Whether young or old, a recreational athlete or an Olympic champion, Balgrist Move>Med trains everyone with a personalised programme to meet their needs. You will be supervised by fully qualified sports teachers. Thanks to the wide variety of fitness club memberships available, you can achieve your goals with personal training.

As a member, you can also take advantage of reduced rates for our interesting courses. In addition, childcare is offered free of charge in the state-of-the art fitness centre.

Die Physiotherapie kann Hilfe bieten nach Unfällen, Operationen (orthopädischen, traumatologischen Operationen und Herzoperationen) und Belastungsproblematiken.

Eine wichtige Rolle spielt dabei nicht nur die Symptombehandlung, sondern auch die Suche nach den Ursachen und deren Behandlung durch verschiedene Techniken. Eine individuelle Zielsetzung, sei sie kurz- oder langfristig, ist oberstes Gebot der Physiotherapie.


For appointments with our sports doctors, please contact the medical secretariat directly:
Monday - Friday
7.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Medical secretariat
Dr. W. O. Frey/Stéphanie Ziltener
+41 44 386 52 06
+41 44 386 52 49

+41 44 386 52 07
+41 44 386 52 08
+41 44 386 52 49

Registration physiotherapy, training, performance diagnostics 

Information for referring doctors

Our focus

Sport medicine focusses consistently on movement as a targeted treatment method and offers a wide range of well-researched training exercises, physiotherapy, and sports therapy. The specialist team treats elite and recreational athletes, as well as patients requiring help with performance problems due to pain or during rehabilitation after surgical procedures.

Indications and range of services

The Balgrist Move>Med team led by Dr. Walter O. Frey specialises in the following

  • Sports medicine assessments
  • Physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy
  • Performance diagnostics
  • Training exercises and sports therapy
  • Outpatient rehabilitation (locomotor system, cardiac, pulmonary, oncological, obesity)

We offer the following medical services

Sports medicine

  • Sports medicine examination of the musculoskeletal system
  • Investigation of pain in the musculoskeletal system
  • Medical care and advice after accidents
  • Medical work-up and advice for training programmes
  • Medical check-ups
  • Second opinions

Active physiotherapy

  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Pilates 
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Breathing therapy
  • Training the respiratory muscles

Passive physiotherapy

  • Manual therapy
  • Manual trigger-point therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Taping and kinesiotaping
  • Electrotherapy and thermotherapy
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Classical medical massage 
  • Fascia therapy

Physiotherapeutic work-up

  • Stability testing (pelvis, leg axis, trunk)
  • Muscle strength testing and training programme
  • Functional movement screen (FMS)
  • Shoulder assessment

Outpatient physiotherapy programmes

  • Conservative and postoperative rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • "Back to sports": intensive rehabilitation for athletes

Performance diagnostics

  • Medical work-up (cardiovascular, respiratory, blood tests, body fat measurement, blood volume measurement , compartment pressure measurement)
  • Stamina testing (lactate threshold testing, spirometry)
  • Strength testing (trunk strength, jump strength, isokinetics)

Training and sports therapy

  • General offers (fitness and training subscriptions, medical training programmes, personal training, medical massage, weight reduction programmes)
  • Special offers (AlterG, Allegro, Power Plate, ProkinB)
  • Group courses (nordic walking, pilates, multifit, back exercises, stretching, aquafit)
  • Outpatient programmes (rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, exercise and sports therapy with cancer, back to sports)

The benefit to your patients

Our medical services offer your patients the following advantages

  • Exercise is the best medicine: this is our motto when treating patients at Balgrist Move>Med
  • Medical assessment and physiotherapy, as well as performance diagnostics and training, all under one roof
  • Holistic care: the cause of knee pain, for example, may be situated elsewhere. At Balgrist Move>Med, we assess and treat the entire musculoskeletal system
  • At Balgrist Move>Med you find yourself amidst highly motivated patients and employees. Even if you are not a particularly sporty person, you will still feel at ease here
  • Many elite athletes depend on the know-how of Balgrist Move>Med. Recreational athletes and people who don’t participate in any sporting activities are treated with the same methods that help the professionals. Free child care is available while you are with us (see opening times)