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The physiotherapists at Balgrist University Hospital work closely with our doctors to work out a treatment programme that is specially tailored to meet your personal needs.

A mainstay of our personalised rehabilitation programme is the hospital’s first-class treatment infrastructure: besides treatment rooms generously fitted with the latest equipment, there are two training rooms, a hydrotherapy pool and a swimming pool, as well as an outdoor walking path.

Orthopaedics and rheumatology

Analogous to our specialised medical teams, we have specialised physiotherapy teams.

Spinal cord injury (paraplegia)

Physiotherapy at the Spinal Cord Injury Centre is responsible for the rehabilitation and repeat rehabilitation of inpatients and outpatients with complete or incomplete spinal cord injuries.

‘Rumpfzirkel’ App

A strong and stable core is the basis of a healthy posture and essential for daily physical activities and sports. Our physiotherapists have developed an efficient core strength training programme consisting of tried and tested exercises. ‘Rumpfzirkel’ (meaning ‘core circuit’) brings you a series of exercises to strengthen and stabilise the different muscle groups. The only equipment you need is a workout mat. Training regularly for just 10 minutes a day will effectively increase your core strength. The ‘Rumpfzirkel’ app will transform your iPhone and Co. into a motivational training partner.

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Christina Gruber
Overall management

Information for referring doctors

Our focus

Thanks to our focus on musculoskeletal and neurological physiotherapy, our patients with or-thopaedic or rheumatological conditions and spinal cord injuries are ensured appropriate and effective treatment.

Indications and range of services

The physiotherapy team led by Christina Gruber specialises in the following

  • Diagnoses related to the musculoskeletal system
  • Diagnoses related to spinal cord injuries

We offer the following medical services

Active treatment

  • Coordination and stability; functional kinetics (FBL)
  • Training of strength, coordination, endurance, balance and stabilisation ability
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)
  • Instruction in personalised home programmes

Manual therapies

  • Maitland and Kaltenborn/Evjenth concept

Soft tissue treatment

  • Myofascial trigger-point therapy and dry needling
  • Fascial release, massage

Group therapy

  • Rehabilitation in water
  • Medical training programmes (coordination, strength and stamina training)
  • Sport-specific advice and rehabilitation (sports therapy for spinal cord injuries: table tennis, curling, archery, etc.)

Special therapies

  • Physiotherapy for the lymphatic system
  • Scoliosis therapy
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Pilates and personal training
  • Locomotor training
  • Hippotherapy

The benefit to your patients

Our medical services offer your patients the following advantages

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
Just like our doctors, our physiotherapists work in specialist teams, caring for patients specifically with shoulder problems or spinal problems, for example. This focus allows our physiotherapists to gain selective experience in the corresponding subspecialty.

Spinal cord injuries
Our employees are also highly specialised in this area. Thanks to regular case discus-sions, supervision, and in-house continuing professional development, we are able to ensure extremely high-quality treatment. Some of our members of staff teach basic and advanced physiotherapy courses.

We are innovative
Visit our ‘Rumpfzirkel’ app!