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Hip and pelvic surgery

The second-largest joint of the human body is vitally important for pain-free, unhindered movement when playing sport or going about everyday business. For this reason, Balgrist University Hospital has an experienced team to deal with all surgical treatments and procedures on the hip and pelvis.

We perform highly specialized hip and pelvic surgery for:

  • congenital or acquired abnormalities with osteotomies on the pelvis and femur
  • damage caused by excessive stress and sports injuries, with arthroscopic procedures for injuries to cartilage and joint edges caused by impingement
  • the consequences of injuries to the pelvis, hip or thigh
  • erosion on hips (hip arthrosis) using minimally invasive techniques for hip replacement surgery
  • worn-out prosthetic hips, including operations to change prostheses
  • any and all complications arising from hip surgery
  • injuries and/or degenerative diseases of tendons and muscles around the hip

Regular treatment of patients of all ages enables us to provide personalized, comprehensive and effective care.


We are happy to arrange appointments on site or online for Monday and Wednesday.

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