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CARD - Computer Assisted Research & Development

The CARD (Computer Assisted Research & Development) team focuses on computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery, divided into the fields of planning and research & development.

Example of 3D planning in a poorly healed tibial shaft fracture before (red) and after virtual correction (yellow). The intraoperative guide (green) is used both as a cutting jig and for the correct positioning of the fragment created.
Example of 3D planning for an intra-articular (joint) osteotomy of the radius. The complex cuts that are required to correct the individual fragments are defined with the aid of the cutting jig (green).

Using computer-assisted planning, CARD supports the surgical team in the analysis and performance of complex orthopaedic corrective procedures. The team prepares essential data from the patient (usually imaging) in an appropriate form, so that the surgeon can plan the operation precisely using 3D computer models. Surgical tools based on these results can be purpose-made for the individual patient, so that computer planning enables both preoperative simulation and precise implementation during the operation.

In the research & development field, the CARD team specialises in medical image processing and analysis, machine vision, and computer-assisted planning and simulation. This has resulted in active research and close cooperation with the clinicians. More details of the team’s activities can be found on the Balgrist CARD AG website.


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PD Dr. Phillip Fürnstahl
Head of Computer Assisted Research & Development