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Dr. David Cole, PhD

David Cole, PhD
Clinical position
Research Associate
Research chiropractic


  • 2018: Joint Project Grant of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) & the German Research Foundation (DFG), (co-applicant with Prof. Boris Quednow, University of Zurich & Prof. Christian Beste, TU Dresden; 760,000 Swiss Francs)
  • EMDO Foundation for Medical Research, (co-applicant with Prof. Erich Seifritz, University of Zurich; 40,000 Swiss Francs)
  • PUK-Fonds award of the University of Zurich Hospital of Psychiatry, (20,000 Swiss Francs)
  • 2017: Hartmann-Müller Foundation for Medical Research, (co-applicant with Prof. Boris Quednow, University of Zurich; 15,000 Swiss Francs)
  • 2016: Forschungskredit Postdoc of the University of Zurich, (120,000 Swiss Francs)
  • 2010 – 2012: IDEA League Grant for Research Collaborations, Imperial College London. Secured six months of funding for placement during PhD at LIBC, Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands
  • Brain Travel Grant, the Guarantors of Brain
  • Trainee Abstract Award, Organization for Human Brain Mapping

Other activities

  • 10/2018: Neurocomputational role of dopamine in impulsive decision-making. 5th Burghölzli Psychiatry Meeting, University Hospital of Psychiatry Zurich,
  • 07/2018: Computational neuropharmacology of impulsive premature responding in humans. British Assoc. for Psychopharmacology (BAP) Annu. Summer Meeting, London UK,
  • 06/2017: Model-free & model-based approaches to translational neuroimaging. Special Seminar, Jin Hyung Lee Lab, Stanford University, Palo Alto CA
  • 05/2016: The computational and neurochemical bases of premature responding impulsivity in humans. 42nd Psychologie & Gehirn Meeting, Berlin, Germany
  • 10/2014: Translational Neuromodeling. 5th Annu. Swiss-Korean Science Symposium, Seoul, South Korea
  • 07/2014: On the methods, applications & allure of resting-state fMRI. Clinical Neuroanatomy Seminars, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London
  • 09/2012: Dopamine-dependent resting-state network cortico-subcortical functional connectivity. 3rd Biennial Conference on Resting State Brain Connectivity, Magdeburg, Germany
  • 06/2012: Dopamine-dependent cortico-subcortical network functional connectivity: association with impulsivity. 18th Annu. Meeting, Org. for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), Beijing, China
  • 03/2012: Large-scale brain network connectivity, individual differences & addiction. Special Seminar, Neuroimaging Research Branch, National Institute for Drug Abuse, NIH, Baltimore MD
  • 07/2011: Brain network functional connectivity in clinical imaging studies: promises & pitfalls. Annu. Summer Meeting, British Association for Psychopharmacology, Harrogate, UK
  • 10/2010: Network-level neuroimaging of addiction & reward pathways. Prof. David Nutt’s Neuropsychopharmacology Unit Meeting, Imperial College London, UK
  • 06/2012: Dopamine D3 receptor availability explains orbitofrontal connectivity with cognitive networks. 16th Annu. Meeting, OHBM, Barcelona, Spain,
  • 03/2009: Modulation of resting-state functional connectivity associated with nicotine withdrawal & treatment. 18th Annu. Symposium, International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (British Chapter) for PhD Students & Post-Docs, Imperial College London, UK


Chiropractic Medicine
Interdisciplinary Spinal Research (ISR)

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