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ESSR Sports Imaging Course


Friday, April 20, 2018

Pelvis and hip I 

R. Sutter: FAI: Where do we come from? Where are we now? 
S. Rahm: When and how to treat FAI? Which patients profit most? 
R. Sutter: Extraarticular impingement  

Lectures Pelvis and hip I  

Pelvis and hip II 

A. Karantanas: Snapping hip – just the labrum? 
S. Fröhlich: Groin pain in the athlete – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment 
T. Dietrich: Groin pain in the athlete - Imaging 
A. Kassarjian: Pelvic fractures and hip dislocation 

Lectures Pelvis and hip II

Muscle – Bone – Tendon Unit 

M. Crema: Imaging muscle injuries    
M. Bischofberger: Treatment of muscle injuries (Physio)      
G. Bierry: Tendon injury (pelvis and thigh)     

Lectures Muscle - Bone - Tendon Unit

Focus Intervention 

A. Rosskopf: Corticosteroid Injection and PRP – How it works, how it’s done 

Lecture Focus Intervention

Stress and Overuse 

A. Hirschmann: Stress fractures of the lower extremity and mimickers       
F. Römer: Knee overuse – Tendons and soft tissue  
L. Jans: Adolescents (Apophyses, Stress, Avulsion)  

A. Grainger: Ultrasound in athletes: When is US better than MRI    

Lectures Stress and Overuse / Ultrasound

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Knee I             

M. Crema: How to diagnose meniscal pathology      
G. Bierry: Cruciate ligament injury     
L. Filli: Focus: LCL and the posterolateral corner      
A. Grainger: Focus: MCL – does the posteromedial corner matter?  

Lectures Knee I

Knee II

C. Pfirrmann: Patellofemoral injuries 
K. Wörtler: Imaging after cruciate ligament reconstruction    
P. Omoumi: Imaging after meniscal surgery 
P. Jungmann: Osteochondral lesions – Treatment methods and Imaging         

Lectures Knee II

Ankle and Foot I 

M. Zanetti: MTP joints 
C. Schäffeler: Lisfranc joint injuries    
B. Mengiardi: Deltoid and spring ligament injuries      
A. Karantanas: Syndesmosis and lateral ligament injuries    

Lectures Ankle and Foot I

Ankle and Foot II 

A. Kassarjian: Impingement syndromes         
K. Wörtler: OCL of the talus: MRI or CT arthrography?       
F. Del Grande: Tendons of the ankle

Lectures Ankle and Foot II