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Balgrist University Hospital opens Ingenuity Lab

Balgrist University Hospital is opening the Ingenuity Lab for innovation in medical materials and technologies with a focus on orthopedic soft tissue research.

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Balgrist University Hospital and the University of Zurich have appointed Professor Inge Herrmann to their academic team. Inge Herrmann is a leading expert in the area of medical technology. She previously worked as a Professor at the ETH Zürich and at Empa where she will continue to perform tasks in research and teaching. Herrmann founded the Ingenuity Lab at Balgrist, which is specialized in innovative developments in the areas of medical materials and technologies with the aim of applying them in orthopedic soft tissue research.

The Ingenuity Lab will drive forward innovative research and development in the areas of materials, diagnostic equipment and therapeutic applications in the field of orthopedics. Among other things, the team is working on new tissue adhesive technologies for minimal-invasive and robot-supported surgery. Surgical adhesives with integrated sensors can be used to help detect infections and other complications in a timely manner. A further focus of the Ingenuity Lab is research into new treatment methods for radiation-resistant soft tissue tumors and anti-microbial resistance.

Under the leadership of Inge Herrmann, the research groups at the laboratory will work closely together with the clinical teams at Balgrist University Hospital to develop technology-based solutions that are customized to the biggest medical challenges. Inge Herrmann explained:

“Our vision at the Ingenuity Lab is to develop new solutions that are a direct response to the most urgent needs of the medical profession and patient care. We want to move the boundaries of medical technology. The combination of clinical excellence and innovative research is critical for developing the next generation of medical solutions. The Ingenuity Lab aims to exploit these synergies and offers a platform on which scientists, engineers and physicians can work together to design the medicine and medical technology of tomorrow.”

Balgrist University Hospital is known for its outstanding patient care and commitment to medical research and training. The opening of the Ingenuity Lab, just a few months after the OR-X, will further strengthen the hospital’s position as one of the leading centers for orthopedic research and treatment in Europe.

“We’re delighted to welcome Professor Herrmann and the Ingenuity Lab to Balgrist. This partnership underlines our commitment to innovation and excellence in orthopedics”, explained Professor Mazda Farshad, Medical Director of Balgrist University Hospital.

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Prof. Dr. Inge Herrmann
Balgrist University Hospital via Corporate Communication
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