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Comprehensive resource-oriented nursing care

As qualified nursing staff, we are responsible for the 24/7 care of our patients. Our aim is to achieve an atmosphere of safety and trust. Thanks to our resource-oriented nursing care, we can send our patients home well informed and independent.

Orthopedic nursing as a career

Patients who have undergone orthopedic surgery receive highly professional nursing care during both the preoperative and postoperative phases of their hospital stay. We also care for rheumatology patients. Part of our job is to help in coordinating the hospital stay from admission to discharge.

Spinal cord injury nursing as a career

The care of patients with spinal cord injuries includes focussing particularly on wound management, mechanical ventilation care, and crisis intervention. We aim to help people with spinal cord injuries achieve as much independence as possible.

We encourage close cooperation with all the professional groups involved in patient care. In addition, Balgrist offers many employee benefits.

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Sebastian Drews
Head of Nursing Services
+41 44 386 32 02

Secretariat Nursing Care
+41 44 386 32 03

Franziska Mathis-Jäggi
Division Manager Nursing Orthopedics and Paraplegia
+41 44 386 32 05

Regina Sauer
Head of Quality and Development of Nursing Care
+41 44 386 32 08

Isabel Conde
Co-Leader Nursing Education
+41 44 386 32 23

Enrico Müller
Co-Leader Nursing Education
+41 44 386 32 07

Our areas

Inpatient nursing care

We care for patients in the orthopedic, rheumatology and spinal cord injury units, as well as those on the intermediate care station.

Wound clinics

In our outpatient wound clinics we care for patients after they have left hospital, and we treat simple to complex wounds.

Plaster casts

Each year our plaster room sees us treat about 4200 patients with fractures or other injuries to the musculoskeletal system.

Preoperative assessment

Before a definitive admission to hospital (either as an inpatient or for day-care surgery), you will be given full information and examined by medical and nursing staff.

Medical podiatry

Medical podiatry includes general and individual advice – the offer is open to everyone.

Education and training

Balgrist offers a wide range of vocational and practical training opportunities. We place particular emphasis on the combination of theory with practice.

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