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Secure, error-free identification

Your health and safety are our key priorities, and the patient wristband is an important part of the jigsaw of measures that we use to ensure your safety. The wristband guarantees that you can be clearly identified throughout your entire stay with us, and works along with other measures to provide you with optimal protection against any potential confusion.

For example, the patient wristband helps to keep you safe when:

  • Nurses are taking you to the operating theatre,
  • You are being given medication,
  • Nurses are taking your blood,
  • You cannot respond for yourself.

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We protect you and your data

A member of the nursing staff gives you your patient wristband when you arrive at Balgrist University Hospital, and you will wear it until you are discharged.

The following details are printed on the wristband:

  • Surname and first name
  • Date of birth and age
  • Case number
  • Two QR codes and a bar code (with the same information on each)

No other personal details are printed on the wristband or included in the bar code. The writing is kept small on purpose so that it cannot be read by other patients or visitors. The patient wristband will be destroyed once you’ve been discharged.


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