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State of the art medicine at our locations and near you

Balgrist University Hospital has partnerships with selected hospitals so that patients can receive local access to specialist orthopedic services. We ensure that basic orthopedic care is available and also cover complex orthopedic needs.

The Circle – Balgrist Zurich Airport

Our interdisciplinary team at “The Circle” at Zurich Airport takes care of patients from the Zurich lowlands region. New to the Circle team is Daniela Meyer, MD. She enriches the existing team with her many years of experience as a specialist in orthopedics and will be permanently at the Balgrist Airport Zurich site.

Flyer Balgrist Zurich Airport
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Patients of all ages benefit from a general orthopedic, sports medicine and chiropractic consultation. Acute and chronic diseases, injuries and pain of joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments are clarified and treated. Walk-in patients are also welcome without appointment.

Our team

Daniela Meyer, MD

Consultant mbF Orthopedics

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Portrait Claude Supersaxo.
Claude B. Supersaxo
Deputy Head of Chiropractic Medicine Cirlce

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Balgrist Zurich Airport
Circle 59/Level 4
Outpatient clinic D

+41 44 386 38 88

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To refer patients, select the specialty in the drop-down menu of the form under “Zurich Airport”.

Consultations and standard operations at Männedorf Hospital

Since February 2023, the University Spine Center Zurich (UWZH) has offered a service at Männedorf Hospital. This will provide patients on the right bank of Lake Zurich with high-quality regional care close to home with access to highly specialized medicine.

Spine Surgery Männedorf Hospital

Consultation hours

8 a.m.–12 noon
8 a.m.–4 p.m.

Spital Männedorf
Asylstrasse 10
8708 Männedorf

+41 44 922 26 50

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Spinal medicine at Waid City Hospital

The University Spine Center Zurich also offers specialist spinal column consultations at Waid City Hospital for patients with back problems. Waid City Hospital and Balgrist University Hospital work closely together both from a clinical perspective and in training doctors.

Spinal medicine at Waid City Hospital
(web page in German only)

Consultation hours

Tuesday mornings
8 a.m.–12 noon

+41 44 386 56 77

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Balgrist orthopedic practice at the GZO Hospital in Wetzikon

In the Zurich Oberland, we offer a special consultation for back problems as well as consultations and second opinions in cooperation with GZO Spital Wetzikon. All operations are performed at the Balgrist University Hospital.

Consultation for back problems at the GZO Spital Wetzikon (web page in German only)

Consultation hours

Monday (every two weeks)
8 a.m.–12 noon

+41 44 934 22 16

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Spinal column medicine in Schaffhausen

Since March 2021, the University Spine Center Zurich has been offering services at Schaffhausen Canton Hospital. Patients in the canton of Schaffhausen can receive care close to home with access to highly specialized medicine.

Spinal column medicine at Kantonsspital Schaffhausen (web page in German only)

Consultation hours

Tuesdays 1 p.m.–4 p.m.
Wednesdays 8 a.m.–1 p.m.

+41 52 634 27 40

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Balgrist is part of the health cluster Lengg

Balgrist University Hospital has been at home in the Lengg for more than 100 years. As a highly specialized competence center for ailments, diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, patients here have access to cutting-edge university medicine. Research and clinic are closely linked at Balgrist. And all this in the middle of the Lengg, which has grown into the hospital district, the pulsating, meanwhile largest health cluster in Switzerland, which will develop strongly in the near future.

Health cluster Lengg


Balgrist Zurich Airport
Circle 59
8058 Zurich

Waid City Hospital
Tièchestrasse 99
8037 Zürich

Orthopedic practice GZO Hospital
Spitalstrasse 66
8620 Wetzikon

Schaffhausen Canton Hospital
Geissbergstrasse 81
8208 Schaffhausen