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Preliminary examination and admission

We will do everything in our power to look after you to the best of our ability and make your stay as comfortable as possible. The following information is intended to help you prepare for your forthcoming stay at the clinic. Have we forgotten something? Our reception team is here to help you.

Before your definite admission date you will be given a medical examination in our preliminary examination centre and informed about the care we provide. Depending upon the treatment or operation the following will be clarified or undertaken:

    • Nursing needs
    • The operation will be discussed
    • The anaesthetic will be discussed
    • Diagnostics
    • Blood sample will be taken


    Balgrist University Hospital
    Forchstrasse 340
    8008 Zürich

    +41 44 386 11 11

    Important information on the preliminary examination

    • Orthopaedic aids will be organised by the preliminary examination team.
    • Walking sticks can be purchased from Balgrist Tec AG (rental not possible).
    • Please be aware that you may have to wait during the preliminary examination. You should therefore calculate half a day.
    • Hand patients do not undergo a preliminary examination.

    What do I have to bring to the preliminary examination?

    We kindly ask you to fill out the forms below, and bring them with you. You will receive the forms together with your appointment letter.

    • Anesthesia anamnesis
    • Admission questionnaire
    • Declaration of consent


    Where available, please bring the following with you:

    • Appointment letter with QR code
    • Patient decree (living will)
    • Blood group certificate
    • Allergy certificate
    • Pacemaker certificate / endocarditis prophylaxis card
    • Accident certificate / daily sickness benefit insurance form
    • Blood coagulation certificate
    • Blood glucose diary
    • Report from your GP / list of medications
    • Previous laboratory examinations
    • ECG
    • X-Rays

    Suspending medication

    Have you discussed suspending blood coagulation medication with the doctor or have you been informed about the possibility? Please refer to the enclosure “Important information about medication” and bring along sufficient medication for the duration of your stay (plus 2-3 days) in the original packaging.

    On the day of admission

    The admission date is to be found on your appointment letter. As a rule you will be admitted to the clinic on the day of, or the day before, your operation. Please complete the documents sent to you and bring them along. On arrival, please register at one of our registration terminals near the main entrance, or proceed to the reception desk. By arriving on time you are helping to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

    Checklist for your hospital stay

    In order to make your stay at our clinic comfortable please bring with you:

    • Health insurance certificate
    • Toiletries
    • Tracksuit
    • Nightdress, pyjamas
    • Dressing gown, if necessary
    • Slippers and trainers
    • Stout shoes (e.g. After a hip operation)
    • Swimsuit for aqua-therapy (in particular for shoulder and rheumatic patients and rehabilitation)
    • Jacket and shoes for walking in the woods (patients suffering from rheumatism)
    • Please also bring along a 5-franc piece for the safe in your room


    We recommend that you leave valuables, especially jewellery and expensive watches, at home. Balgrist University Hospital cannot be held liable for losses or theft.

    Nail varnish and/or gel nails on hands and feet must be removed before an operation takes place. Please bring along all medication in the original packaging.

    Illness before admisssion

    Being unwell, having an influenza infection or uncontrolled high blood pressure might lead to a situation where the operation has to be cancelled. If you happen to feel unwell during the week before the operation please contact the medical secretary for the physician/team responsible for your treatment.