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Your outpatient stay

We will do everything in our power to look after you to the best of our ability and make your stay as comfortable as possible. The following information is intended to help you prepare for your forthcoming stay at the clinic. Have we forgotten something? Our reception team is here to help you.

We are pleased to welcome you in our modern day clinic

We are happy to welcome patients who are undergoing an outpatient procedure, diagnosis, therapy or intervention in our day clinic. The day clinic is located as a section of the recovery room. Thanks to a modern infrastructure, there is no need to forego privacy during the stay. After a monitoring phase and a meal, our patients are allowed to leave the clinic on the same day and return to their familiar surroundings.

Patient admittance

Pleasant and safe waking up

In the recovery room with 10 monitoring stations, we care for patients with surgical procedures freshly after anaesthesia. The vital signs are monitored here. Optimal and targeted pain therapy is also a priority for us. The aim is to make the recovery phase as pleasant as possible for our patients and at the same time to give them the necessary security.


Balgrist University Hospital
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