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Balgrist University Hospital as an employer

As an employee, you benefit from various advantages related to your employment at Balgrist University Hospital. Discover what we have to offer.


Health and Fitness

Internal sports opportunities

  • Free Pilates lessons (offered once a week by the physiotherapist)
  • Over 40 % discount on the fitness subscription of the Training Center Balgrist

External sports opportunities

Eligibility to participate in the Academic Sports Association Zurich (ASVZ)


  • 20 % discount on medicines, cosmetics and perfumes at the Balgrist Pharmacy (directly at Balgrist streetcar station – website in German only)
  • 20 % discount on orthopedic shoe insoles, shoe repairs, shoes and shoe and foot care products at Balgrist Tec (website in German only)

Other perks

  • Healthy and varied lunch menu at reasonable prices. By participating in "Too good to go" we are taking a stand against food waste; this gives you the opportunity to take menus home at a reduced price. In addition, water, coffee and tea are available to you free of charge.
  • Subsidized nursery places in the nursery Spatzennest (PDF in German only) located on the premises of Balgrist University Hospital
  • Upgrade in case of hospitalization at Balgrist University Hospital (if the corresponding rooms are available):
    • semi-private room with general insurance
    • private room with semi-private insurance
  • Placement bonuses for positions with a shortage of specialists at Balgrist University Hospital
  • 35 % discount on the ZVV Bonus Pass (website in German only) of the Zürcherverkehrsverbund (public transport in the greater Zurich area)
  • Subsidy to the GA Travelcard (annual public transport ticket for the whole of Switzerland) in the amount of CHF 650.–
  • Free tickets for a visit to the Zurich Zoo
  • Fleet discounts at various garages
  • Discounts on subscriptions to the telecommunications company Sunrise
  • Discounted hardware and software
  • Strongly discounted notebooks incl. 3-year warranty (twice a year)
  • Various shopping discounts on Apple products, in furniture stores, at Ochsner Shoes or on Brands for Employees

Insurance schemes

Health insurance discount

Balgrist University Hospital has existing collective agreements with health insurance companies. Here you benefit from discounts depending on the type of insurance.

Daily sickness benefits insurance

All employees whose employment relationship lasts longer than three months or who have concluded a permanent employment contract are insured for daily sickness benefits.

Hospitalization upgrade

If you are hospitalized, the clinic will offer you an upgrade to a semi-private room (with general insurance) or private room (with semi-private insurance) for inpatient stays. This is only possible if the corresponding rooms are available.


Worldwide general accident insurance regardless of degree of employment. Upgrade to semi-private or private possible via Sanitas health insurance.

Flexibility based around part-time work

We support part-time work and job sharing
Employees have diverse needs and pursue more than just career goals. They are involved in voluntary work, pursue a sport or enjoy spending time with their family. Balgrist attaches importance to the balance between work and private life and encourages part-time work or job sharing.

Occupational benefits

  • extra-mandatory pension funde
  • all persons from the age of 24 to 65 are insured
  • choice of savings plan between minimum, standard and maximum

Holiday entitlement

  • up to 49 years of age: 26 vacation days
  • up to 59 years of age: 31 vacation days
  • from 60 years of age: 36 vacation days

Paid youth leave for volunteer work

In accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations, employees up to the age of 30 have the right to one week of unpaid leave per year of service if they wish to volunteer in cultural or social organisations.

Balgrist University Hospital supports social and cultural commitment and grants 100% salary continuation when such leave is taken.

Long-service awards

We have an interest in a long-term collaboration between employees and the company, which we reward accordingly.


If you have any questions, we will gladly be at your disposal.

+41 44 386 11 11

Training posts and internships

Balgrist is an attractive training centre that produces competent and motivated professionals through innovative hands-on training. Our staff are committed to the high-quality education and training of our students. More…

Best conditions for your future

Knowledge is valuable

Advanced training and further education is important to us, and we therefore support our employees’ learning activities. Balgrist University Hospital offers internal and external ongoing training opportunities alike and positions them in the context of the individual’s own long term career plan.

At the heart of health

Balgrist University Hospital lies at the centre of the Lengg site, which accommodates several clinics and centres of research. Its workforce of around 9 000 makes it the largest location for health in Switzerland, and it will grow bigger still in the future.

Ample catering options

Our employees enjoy spending their breaks in the Balgrist Restaurant, which offers a modern, well-lit, inviting ambience in which to linger a while. It’s also worth taking a good look at our menu options: you can choose from a variety of meals plus a generous salad buffet and snacks, such as sandwiches, cakes and desserts. Mineral water is available free of charge.

Day care center

Balgrist values the individual’s ability to combine a career with family life – and makes sure that your youngster is well looked after while you work. Our clinic subsidises a number of places at a local nursery, which is within walking distance of the clinic.

Sports facilities

If you work with us, you can take advantage of the specialist skills of our exercise experts. Our employees can train at discounted rates at the centre for sports medicine. Balgrist also has running groups, and this area features a variety of jogging routes – the ideal way to clear your head and recharge your batteries.