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Training posts and internships

Balgrist is an attractive training centre that produces competent and motivated professionals through innovative hands-on training. Our staff are committed to the high-quality education and training of our students.

Hotel / Kitchen

Three-year training as a chef:

Apprentice chefs learn the basics of food preparation (steaming, braising and stewing, au gratin cooking, grilling, sautéing, and poaching) and how to prepare the following dishes:

  • Hot dishes: starters, soups, sauces, stocks, side dishes, meat dishes and vegetarian meals
  • Cold dishes: cold cut platters, salads, terrines and pâtés en croute
  • Patisserie: desserts, cakes and pastries

Flyer «Schnuppertage Koch»

One-year additional training as a diet chef:

Diet chefs prepare various dishes professionally in accordance with the patients’ needs. They ensure that culinary standards are maintained despite the dietary restrictions.

Medical device technology

  • Three-year training as a medical device technicial EFZ

The Central Sterilisation Uint specialises in the preparation of orthopaedic instruments for various departments of surgery and nursing. They manage medical devices including the instruments, machines, and appliances used in operations and nursing care.

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Further information
Ruzica Zivkovic
Head of Central Sterilisation Unit
Forchstrasse 340
8008 Zurich
Phone +41 44 386 54 81


  • Three-year training to become a licensed nurse (Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training)
  • Two- or three-year training to become a registered nurse (Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education)
  • Three years of full time study for a BSc Nursing

We are happy to offer direct employment with very good salaries to nurses studying for the Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education, when they want to remain at Balgrist for all the practical attachments throughout their training. Balgrist also offers practical modules when students are studying for a bachelor’s degree at a Swiss University of Applied Sciences.

We also offer the possibility of a practical module C in accordance with the regulations of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) to students who have already gained a Bachelor of Science Nursing.

Further information:
Balgrist University Hospital
Secretariat nursing care
Forchstrasse 340
8008 Zurich
+41 44 386 32 03

We are looking forward to your online application.

Open positions

Operating Department Practice

Three-year training to become an operating department practitioner (Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education):

Student operating department practitioners learn about the instruments and materials required for surgery. They learn how to prepare the operating theatre and equipment and ensure the smooth running of an operation (before and afterwards). Operating department practitioners care for the wellbeing of patients and support them during surgery

We are happy to accept direct job applications online. The training course is coordinated with the Zurich University Hospital and the Hirslanden Clinic.

Orthopaedic technology

Four-year training to become an orthopaedic shoemaker:

Apprentices produce custom-made orthopaedic shoes, special footwear, and foot orthotics. They learn how to repair shoes and advise patients on the shoes that can be supplied and the associated costs. Orthopaedic corrections improve the position of the foot and general posture of people with various medical conditions. Much of the production is by hand but computer-assisted measuring devices and CAD/CAM technology is also used.

Four-year training to become an orthopaedic technician:

The focus of this work is the production of aids and appliances for people with restricted ability to stand, walk, or sit. Apprentices produce protheses, orthotics and rehabilitation aids. Prostheses replace a missing part of the body. Orthotics are braces, splints, and shoe inserts. Rehabilitation aids include sitting or back supports in a wheelchair or resting supports.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy

  • Three- and five-month clinical placements as part of the training to become a qualified physiotherapist (bachelor’s degree)
  • Three-month clinical placements as part of the training to become a qualified occupational therapist (bachelor’s degree). (The University of Applied Sciences arranges these internships; it is not possible to apply for a place directly)


  • Three-year training to become a qualified radiology technician (Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education)


Balgrist University Hospital
Forchstrasse 340
8008 Zürich

+41 44 386 11 11