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Hip and pelvic surgery

The second-largest joint of the human body is vitally important for pain-free, unhindered movement when playing sport or going about everyday business. For this reason, Balgrist University Hospital has an experienced team to deal with all surgical treatments and procedures on the hip and pelvis.

We perform highly specialized hip and pelvic surgery for:

  • congenital or acquired abnormalities with osteotomies on the pelvis and femur
  • damage caused by excessive stress and sports injuries, with arthroscopic procedures for injuries to cartilage and joint edges caused by impingement
  • the consequences of injuries to the pelvis, hip or thigh
  • erosion on hips (hip arthrosis) using minimally invasive techniques for hip replacement surgery
  • worn-out prosthetic hips, including operations to change prostheses
  • any and all complications arising from hip surgery
  • injuries and/or degenerative diseases of tendons and muscles around the hip

Regular treatment of patients of all ages enables us to provide personalized, comprehensive and effective care.


We are happy to arrange appointments on site or virtually for Monday and Wednesday.

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You can reach us as follows:
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Information for referring doctors

Our focus

Interactions between hip specialists, sports medicine experts, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and pain specialists mean that we can offer your patients interdisciplinary treatment for the entire spectrum of hip and pelvis disease and injuries. Should surgery be necessary, every effort is made to perform joint preserving procedures (arthroscopic or open surgery) whenever possible. Primary joint replacement and prosthetic revision surgery are carried out using minimally invasive and biologically sustainable techniques (reconstruction of bone defects with bone autografts or allografts).

Indications and range of services

The hip and pelvis team led by Dr. Patrick Zingg specializes in the following

  • Complex deformities of the pelvis and femur in children and adolescents
  • Sports injuries: damage to cartilage, labral tears, and muscle strain
  • Early joint damage from malformation (impingement, dysplasia) in young adults
  • Fractures of the pelvis and femur
  • Late complications of injuries to the pelvis, hip joint and thigh
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Degeneration and (partial) tears of the abductor muscles
  • Painful hip prostheses or prosthetic revision

We offer the following medical services

  • Interdisciplinary conservative and surgical treatment
  • Joint-preserving surgery in cases of impingement, dysplasia, complex congenital and acquired deformities (following Perthes’ disease, slipped capital femoral epiphysis, and trauma), hip arthroscopy, periacetabular osteotomy (PAO), surgical hip dislocation, corrective osteotomy of the femoral head and femur
  • Prosthetic joints: minimally invasive technique; acetabular autograft reconstruction of the dysplastic acetabulum
  • Prosthetic revision surgery: prothesis exchange for instability, malpositioned components, erosion, wear and tear, fracture and infection; biological reconstruction of bone defects (our own bone bank)
  • Revision of adductor tendon and muscle damage: primary tendon sutures up to local muscle transfer procedures (e.g. vastus lateralis and gluteus maximus split transfer)

The benefit to your patients

The benefit to your patients

  • Treatment of the whole range of pelvis and hip diseases in all age groups
  • Interdisciplinary treatment, working together with sports medicine experts, physiotherapists, pain therapists, and specialists in general internal medicine and infectious diseases
  • 3D planning for the personalized surgery of complex procedures (joint-preserving and prosthetic surgery)
  • Our own prosthetic implant registry for systematic quality control and optimization of therapeutic options
  • Our own bone bank for sustainable biological reconstruction of bone defects during prosthetic revision surgery 
  • Patient-centred clinical research for the continuous improvement of treatment