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Patients and visitors

As a patient, you are always our first concern. All of our staff work with compassion, skill, and a highly professional approach to ensure your personal wellbeing at Balgrist.

Admission and discharge

Orthopaedics: Here for you

We provide you with an excellent medical service. At Balgrist University Hospital you will be cared for by a team of renowned, internationally recognised specialists in musculoskeletal and spinal damage and pain.

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Paraplegia: Moving closer

Our spinal cord injury centre provides comprehensive medical care for patients with spinal cord injuries. We are closer to research, the therapies of tomorrow, and closer to life - with a family atmosphere in the middle of Zurich.

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Shoulder & elbow

PD Dr. Karl Wieser and his team ensure first-class diagnosis and treatment of all shoulder and elbow problems in patients of all ages, and are especially attuned to the needs of both recreational and elite athletes. You will benefit from the latest approaches to diagnosis and treatment, which the Balgrist University Hospital is constantly developing through its own scientific research and clinical studies.

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The spine is a key component of the human body and the University Spine Centre in Zurich is correspondingly important. We offer our patients the full range of spine medicine. Our goal is to provide optimal treatment and find the best possible therapeutic approach for you.

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The knee is the largest joint in the human body. Disease or injury to this joint can severely restrict mobility. Dr Sandro Fucentese and his team will find the best form of treatment for you, using the very latest surgical techniques, including minimally invasive surgery, computer-assisted navigation, and arthroscopy.

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Hip & pelvis


The second largest joint in the human body is of key importance for pain-free unrestricted movement in everyday activities and sports. Dr Patrick Zingg and his team are highly experienced orthopaedic surgeons, who are there at your side if you need treatment or surgery of the hip and pelvis.

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Prof. Ladislav Nagy and his team cover the whole spectrum of hand and peripheral nerve surgery – whatever the problem, its cause, or the complexity of treatment.

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As a patient of Balgrist University Hospital, you can benefit from the whole range of the foot and ankle surgery. Dr Stephan Wirth and his team specialise in diseases and injuries of the foot and ankle. These include sporting injuries and the complications that may follow. Thanks to intensive research work, surgical techniques at Balgrist University Hospital are constantly being developed, and their success reflected by the continuing improvement in results.

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Paediatric orthopaedics

Nothing but the very best for the very young: working together with the Zurich University Children’s Hospital, Dr Christoph Aufdenblatten and his team run a highly specialised paediatric orthopaedic unit offering treatment for all orthopaedic problems and injuries of the musculoskeletal system during the formative years.

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Technical orthopaedics

Dr Thomas Böni and his team offer individually tailored care for amputations, stumps, and diabetic foot surgery, combined with a wound management clinic and medical podiatrists. 

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Bone and soft tissue surgery

Dr Daniel Müller and his team carry out the diagnostic work-up, treatment, and care of patients with bone or soft-tissue tumours. For this purpose, our specialists work together closely.

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Sports medicine

Exercise is the best medicine. Dr Walter O. Frey and his team unite medical practice, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, training assessment and counselling, and a fitness centre, all under the roof of Balgrist Move>Med.

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"Without the great support of Prof. Andreas Schweizer and his entire team, I wouldn't have been back on the slopes so quickly. Many thanks for everything!"

Wendy Holdener
Swiss skier and World Alpine Combination Champion 2017
Runner-up in the World Slalom Championship 2017, Winner of the Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medal 2018

"My heartfelt thanks to Prof. Christian Gerber and the Balgrist team for their prompt and professional treatment of my shoulder injury."

Dr. Ulrich Spiesshofer
CEO and President, ABB Ltd

“At Balgrist Move>Med I feel very well looked after. I appreciate that I can make use of specific exercise equipment such as the AlterG (anti-gravity treadmill). Many thanks to the entire team!”

Nicola Spirig
Swiss triathlete, Olympic Champion and five times World Champion, Winner of the European Championship Gold Medal and Team Silver 2018, Winner of the Home World Cup 2018

News and events


Herzliche Gratulation!

Wir gratulieren Mabel Reust von Herzen zum hervorragenden 5. Platz an den Schweizer Berufsmeisterschaften SwissSkills 2018. Wir sind stolz auf unsere Fachfrau Gesundheit und beste Zürcherin!

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Die Onkologie des UniversitätsSpitals Zürich und die Tumor-Spezialisten der Universitätsklinik Balgrist führen gemeinsam das Sarkomzentrum des «Comprehensive Care Centers» (CCCZ) in Zürich. Neu gibt es eine interdisziplinäre Sprechstunde für Patienten mit Sarkomen und Tumorerkrankungen.

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Die Universitätsklinik Balgrist verstärkt als universitärer Endversorger mit PD Dr. med. Ilker Uçkay die komplexe Behandlung von orthopädischen Infekten. Gleichzeitig übernimmt Dr. Uçkay die Leitung der Abteilung für klinische und angewandte Forschung im Balgrist.

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Am Mittwoch gewann MyoSwiss als eines von fünf Jungunternehmen den mit 100‘000 Franken dotierten «De Vigier-Preis». Myoswiss entwickelt unter anderem im Balgrist Campus den Anzug «Myosuit», der das Aufstehen und Treppensteigen muskelschwacher Menschen ermöglichen soll.

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Im Vergleich zum Vorjahr verzeichnet die Universitätsklinik Balgrist ein Wachstum von rund 3% im stationären Bereich. An der gestrigen Vereinsversammlung wurden Andres Türler und Prof. Em. Dr. Roman Boutellier neu in den Vorstand des Schweizerischen Vereins Balgrist gewählt.

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In der Wirbelsäulenchirurgie wird intensiv geforscht. Ein Schwerpunkt dabei: Rückenoperationen mithilfe digitaler Technologien individueller zu planen, um das Ergebnis zu verbessern.

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Die Universitätsklinik Balgrist ist seit 100 Jahren wegweisend in der Wirbelsäulenmedizin tätig. Mit der heutigen Eröffnung des hochspezialisierten Universitären Wirbelsäulenzentrums Zürich richtet sich die Klinik für die Zukunft neu aus.

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Gestern Abend, 14. März 2018, fand im Beisein der Künstlerin Andrea Good die Vernissage ihrer Lichtzeichnungen in der Universitätsklinik Balgrist statt. Zahlreiche Besucher liessen sich von den Bildern begeistern.

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Einladung zum öffentlichen Vortrag

Wir laden Sie ein zum öffentlichen Vortrag am Dienstag, 30. Januar 2018, zum Thema "Das künstliche Hüftgelenk: Worauf kommt es an?"

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By public transport

  • From Zurich main station, take a number 11 tram in the direction of Rehalp and alight at the Balgrist tram stop.
  • From Stadelhofen station, take the S18 Forchbahn towards Esslingen or a number 11 tram in the direction of Rehalp and alight at the Balgrist tram stop.

By car

  • Parking is available at the hospital for outpatients and visitors but the number of spaces is very limited. You have to purchase your parking time from the machines. We encourage you to take public transport for your arrival.