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Infectious diseases and hospital hygiene

Infectious diseases and hospital hygiene led by Prof. Dr. med. Ilker Uçkay specializes in the prevention, treatment, and research of orthopedic infections.

Expertise and services offered

  • Infections of the musculoskeletal system (infections in implants and prostheses, infections of the bones, and infections in the diabetic foot)
  • Advice and care for patients regarding various problems related to infection
  • Advice and assistance for treating physicians regarding various problems related to infection
  • Working together with the Department of Infectious Diseases and Hospital Hygiene of the Zurich University Hospital (USZ)
  • Working together with septic (infection) surgery at Balgrist University Hospital


We monitor, record and treat infections but we are also active in prevention. The team consists of an infectiologist (100%), a specialist for infection prevention (80%) and a certified nurse (20%) who is responsible for the monitoring and documentation of postoperative infections. The team is regularly supported by various infectious disease specialists from the Zurich University Hospital and the Department of Internal Medicine at Balgrist University Hospital.


Prof. Dr. med. Ilker Uçkay
Head of Infectiology

+41 44 386 37 05

Hospital Hygiene

+41 44 386 37 07


Nadja Bragatto-Hess
Nadja Bragatto-Hess
Fachexpertin für Infektionsprävention
Denise Baumgartner
Denise Baumgartner
Pflegefachfrau, Study Nurse