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Research Sports medicine

The Sports Medical Research group investigates applied research issues at the interface between clinics and sports practice, and supports leading national/international sports federations and clubs with bespoke scientific projects.

Its main objectives are to lastingly protect the health of competitive athletes and set new trends in the improvement of diagnosis and rehabilitation concepts in sports medicine. Recreational athletes and patients may also profit from this expertise.

Research Focus

Prevention und rehabilitation of sports injuries

  • health monitoring and load management
  • screening physical deficits that are related to injury
  • objectification and individualisation of diagnoses and return-to-sport decisions
  • development of sport-specific training and therapy concepts

with a particular focus on

  • traumatic injuries of the lower and upper extremities
  • knee, hip and back and hand overuse injuries
  • sports-related concussion

in the sports of Alpine Skiing, Sport Climbing, Soccer and Ice Hockey.

Core Competencies

Epidemiology, performance diagnostics, sports biomechanics & imaging.




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PD Dr. Jörg Spörri
Head of Sports Medical Research

Balgrist Campus
Lengghalde 5
CH-8008 Zürich

+41 44 510 70 09