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Sports Medical Research

The Sports Medical Research Group investigates applied problems at the interface between clinic and sports practice. It supports leading national/international institutions, sports associations and clubs with tailored scientific projects.

Our focus is on sustainable health protection for competitive and recreational athletes, as well as the further development of current monitoring, diagnostic and treatment concepts in Sports Medicine. These aspects ultimately also benefit the general population and patients alike.

Research Focus

Prevention und rehabilitation of sports injuries

  • Health monitoring and loading control
  • Early recognition of physical deficits relevant to injury
  • Objective assessment and individualized diagnosis and ‘return-to-sport’ decisions
  • Development of sports-specific training and treatment strategies

with a particular focus on

  • musculoskeletal system and sport
  • internal medicine and sport
  • women and sport
  • children and sport

Core Competencies

Epidemiology, performance diagnostics, sports biomechanics and imaging.


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Portrait picture of Jörg Spörri
Prof. Dr. Jörg Spörri
Head of Sports Medical Research

Balgrist Campus
Lengghalde 5
CH-8008 Zürich

+41 44 510 70 09

Research projects

The research laboratory works on concepts for the prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries.


On an ongoing basis, our researchers publish their latest findings in various scientific journals. Overview publications