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Operating Room X: start of construction

Visualization of the entrance to the new surgical research and teaching center.

Construction work starts today on the OR-X, the new Translational Center for Surgery at Balgrist University Hospital. The test phase for the OR-X will be launched in the first quarter of 2023.

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The OR-X (Operating Room X) at Balgrist University Hospital is a new, translational surgical research and teaching Center. The first construction phase will start on Wednesday 26 January 2022, which constitutes a milestone for this significant project at Balgrist University Hospital. The launch of the test phase is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. The OR-X will create new opportunities for surgical research, development and teaching, based in Zurich but with national relevance. Researchers and developers will be able to develop and validate new technologies and innovations more efficiently. New technologies can therefore be used in clinical applications more quickly (translation). Future surgeons can learn and gather surgical experience in a realistic operating theater – without endangering patient safety.

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For further information, contact 
Prof. Dr. med. Mazda Farshad
Medical Director, Balgrist University Hospital

via Franziska Ingold
Head of Communications, Balgrist University Hospital
+41 44 386 14 15