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Safer operations thanks to 3D operation planning

Project HSM

Balgrist University Hospital and Balgrist Campus complete their HSM2 project very successfully.

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In the project, clinical and campus have significantly advanced and further developed computer-assisted patient-specific 3D surgical planning. The methods enable novel surgical treatment options, provide greater patient safety, and improve outcome quality.

Focus on expansion of 3D planning methods

The new shoulder model developed by the researchers as part of the project, can be considered as one of the most comprehensive computer models for simulating patient-specific motions or bone and soft tissues pathologies. It includes three joints and 23 muscle components, including muscle fibres. In addition, the researchers were able to develop new methods for 3D planning and surgical navigation of tumour surgeries.

Great advances were also made in the surgical navigation of bone pathologies. Computer models combined with 3D printing allow highly accurate surgical planning tailored to the patient. The navigation system used is based on 3D-printed instruments that enable the surgeon to perform cutting and drilling highly accurate within millimeter accuracy. Clinical studies have shown that patients can be operated on more precisely, faster, and safer using these methods.

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