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Spinal cord injuries of every description

We treat patients with injuries of the spinal cord whatever the cause, that is to say, impaired spinal cord function due to trauma, autoimmune inflammatory disorders, degenerative diseases, vascular problems, or cancer.

Each of our patients with a spinal cord injury has a designated medical contact person, who has access to the entire diagnostic and therapeutic infrastructure of the hospital.

Early recognition and prevention

We offer our patients regular follow-up. We want to recognise the problems that arise on returning to familiar surroundings and tackle them promptly, taking not only the medical aspects into account but also psychosocial and occupational considerations. We also determine whether any aids or appliances need to be modified, and whether additional therapeutic measures are required.

Interdisciplinary approach

The neurological and urological situation, spasticity, pain, and the condition of the skin are all part of our routine assessments. Thanks to the many disciplines working together within Balgrist University Hospital, as well as close networking with other specialist facilities, we are able to investigate and treat even the most complex problems.

Close cooperation with referring doctors

Close cooperation with the referring doctors Communication with general practitioners, other referring doctors, and domiciliary nursing services is important to us. Working closely together, we can pick up any complications at an early stage and treat them promptly. This approach improves the patient’s quality of life and, at the same time, saves on additional treatment costs.


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Information for referring doctors

Our focus

Diagnosis, treatment and subsequent care of spinal cord injuries and diseases, their complications and long-term sequelae.

Indications and range of services

The team at the outpatient department of the Spinal Cord Injury Centre led by Dr. B. Zörner specialises in the following

  • Diagnosis, treatment and subsequent care of spinal cord injuries (including those of traumatic, vascular, inflammatory and neoplastic origin), together with their complications and long-term sequela

We offer the following medical services

  • Specialist neurological assessment and treatment
  • Neurophysiological examinations
  • Close cooperation with our colleagues in neuro-urology, the spinal surgery team, radiology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutritional counselling, and social services

The benefit to your patients

Our medical services offer your patients the following advantages

  • Many years of experience
  • Continuous care
  • Coordination of interdisciplinary diagnostic investigation and treatment
  • Close cooperation with the referring doctors