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Diabetes counselling

Diabetes specialist counselling focuses on education, awareness, monitoring and prevention.

We support our inpatients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus with expert education about their disease. We teach patients and their families about therapies and preventive measures to reduce the risk of late complications and develop awareness of diabetes mellitus.

    The therapeutic focus in diabetes specialist consultation on diabetes mellitus

    Education and information about

    • Theoretical basics of the disease
    • Preventive measures for risk reduction of late complications (in technical orthopedics especially foot care)
    • Symptoms and measures in case of hyper- and hypoglycemia
    • Information about diabetes medication
    • Rights and duties
    • Support for integration into the private and professional environment
    • Special situations in everyday life (travel, etc.)


    • Instruction of measuring devices, reading of sensors and monitoring of measurement results
    • Handling of insulin applications

    The basis of optimal diabetes mellitus counselling is based on the successful collaboration of the diabetes specialist counselling service with the interdisciplinary team at Balgrist University Hospital.


    We will be happy to make an appointment for diabetes counselling during your inpatient stay.

    At any time, an appointment can be made by a written prescription from your physician. The consultation days are on Monday and Wednesday.

    +41 44 386 32 26

    Portrait Bettina Liechti.
    Bettina Liechti
    Diabetes consultant