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Occupational counselling

Our aim is to (re)integrate people into the workplace after a spinal cord injury

  • because people who have meaningful and fulfilling work are more contented.
  • because the workplace is also a social environment, in which we build relationships.
  • because people with spinal cord injuries want to and should have responsible jobs again  

Our services

  • Early intervention measures
  • Occupational counselling
  • Mediation between employer, employee, and social security
  • Training functional capacity and work skills
  • Coaching in the reintegration process
  • Computer training

We counsel, motivate, and train with success: 75% of our patients return to work or education compatible with their disabilities.

Experience shows that the earlier that reintegration into the workplace is addressed after a spinal cord injury, the more successful it is. We start right away.

We offer

  • Courses in all current operating systems and appications
  • Advice and training in the use of assistive computer aids for people with tetraplegia
  • Coaching on questions concerning reintegration into the workplace
  • Promoting key skills


If you have any questions, we will gladly be at your disposal.

Occupational counselling and career advice
lic. phil. Stephanie Straub

Wednesdays and Thursdays
+41 44 386 15 68

Occupational training
Marcel Rutz
Head of Occupational Training
+41 44 386 15 67


Stephanie Straub
lic. phil. Stephanie Straub
Marcel Rutz
Marcel Rutz