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Research projects

FIS ISPP – Athlete Health Protection (AHP)

In collaboration with the International Ski Federation FIS, the higher ranging goal of this research project is to reduce the number of serious injuries among athletes in all FIS disciplines and levels by enhancing international harmonisation, consensus and dissemination of knowledge on injury prevention.

Injury Screening & Prevention – Alpine Skiing (ISPA)

The overall aim of this research project is a sustainable lowering of the frequency of traumatic injuries, overuse damages and musculoskeletal disorders amongst competi-tive youth alpine skiers and, thereby, making an important contribution to development of future top-athletes.

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Gender-specific and fatigue-dependent causes of dynamic knee valgus in a high-risk anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture cohort

The objective of this research project is to investigate the factors contributing to dynamic knee valgus (such as bony alignment of the musculoskeletal system, muscle morphology, muscle strength, and muscle activation patterns) in dependency of sex and fatigue.

Application of ultrasound and shear wave elastography to quantify morphological and mechanical properties of muscles and tendons

Recent technological advances in ultra-sound (US)- based musculoskeletal imaging, may open new opportunities to objectively quantify morphological and mechanical properties and adaptations of muscles and tendons. Such quantification is of high relevance for both research and patient care, since it has great potential for objectifying, standardizing and individualizing sports medical examination and treatment. Therefore, the goal of this project is to develop and validate meaningful US-based assessment protocols to quantify morphological and mechanical properties of muscles and tendons in the context of prevention and rehabilitation.