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Complex Spine Symposium – Revisions

Virtual Edition 18 June 2021

Revisions are an increasing surgical challenge in the daily routine of a spine surgeon. The virtual "Complex Spine Symposium" 2021 illuminates the answers to the most urgent questions.

This year, the symposium will take place virtually. Our goal is to convey not only theoretical but also practical knowledge to you. Be part of live surgical demonstrations and take the opportunity to listen to key talks given by Swiss University Hospital leaders and other world-renowned experts in spine surgery.

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Stefanie Pfister
Coordinator Congresses and Events
+41 44 386 38 33

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Lorin Benneker, MD, Professor Orthopädie Sonnenhof, Senior Consultant Spine Surgery

Michael Betz, MD Balgrist University Hospital Zurich, Senior Consultant Spine Surgery

Armin Curt, MD, Professor Balgrist University Hospital Zurich, Director Spinal Cord Injury Center

Dennis Dominguez, MD Universtiy Hospital Geneva , Head of Spine Surgery

Timo Ecker, MD CHUV Lausanne University Hospital, Head of Spine Surgery

Mazda Farshad, MD, Professor Balgrist University Hospital Zurich, Chair of Orthopedic Surgery, Surgeon-in Chief

Federico P. Girardi, MD, Professor Hospital for Special Surgery, New York Professor of Orthopedic, Surgery, Spinal Surgery

Jürgen Harms, MD, Professor Ethianum Heidelberg, Head of Spine Surgery

Dezsö J. Jeszenszky, MD Schulthess Klinik Zurich Head of Spine Surgery, Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery

Claudio Lamartina, MD, Professor Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi, Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

Hans-Christoph Pape, MD, Professor University Hospital Zurich, Chair of Trauma Surgery

Luca Regli, MD, Professor University Hospital Zurich, Chair of Neurosurgery

Stefan Schären, MD, Professor University Hospital Basel, Director Spine Center

Jess Snedeker, Professor Balgrist University Hospital Zurich, Head of Biomechanics

José Spirig, MD Balgrist University Hospital Zurich, Consultant Spine Surgery

Reto Sutter, MD Balgrist University Hospital Zurich, Head of Radiology

Ilker Uçkay, MD Balgrist University Hospital Zurich, Head of Musculoskeletal Infectiology

Past impressions

Impressions 2019

By clicking the link below, you will find all videos of the Complex Spine Symposium 2019, topic: spinal deformity. You are welcome to join the lectures, workshops and case discussions on our congress archive.

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Impressions 2018

Besides myelopathy, the experts addressed surgical access to the cervical vertebrae, trauma, tumours and deformities of the cervical spine. After a detailed overview of imaging procedures, they presented complex cases. Participants benefit from cutting-edge scientific knowledge but also had the opportunity to interact in the case presentations.

Congress archvie