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Complex Spine Symposium

SAVE THE DATE: Our next symposium will take place 6 and 7 February 2020

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By clicking the link below, you will find all videos of the Complex Spine Symposium 2019, topic: spinal deformity. You are welcome to join the lectures, workshops and case discussions in our congress archive.

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Stefanie Pfister
Coordinator Congresses & Events
+41 44 386 38 33

Videos of the 2018 Complex Spine Symposium

Besides myelopathy, the experts addressed surgical access to the cervical vertebrae, trauma, tumours and deformities of the cervical spine. After a detailed overview of imaging procedures, they presented complex cases. Participants benefit from cutting-edge scientific knowledge but also had the opportunity to interact in the case presentations.

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«The Complex Spine Symposium combines academic knowledge with complex questions and interactive case discussions around the key element of the human body.»

Mazda Farshad, MD, MPH, Professor and Chairman Orthopedic Surgery
Chief of Spine, Medical Director and Host, Complex Spine Symposium