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Prevention of spine problems

Chiropractic medicine

Chiropractic is concerned mainly with the diagnosis, conservative treatment and prevention of complaints originating in or associated with the spine. It focusses on the manual treatment of pain and functional disorders that have resulted from incorrect loading or strain.

Pain relief through targeted treatment

Treatment methods specific to problems and structures focus on restoring the dysfunctional joints and muscles with a resultant relief of pain. Besides targeted treatment, we place a great deal of value on holistic counselling with respect to lifestyle, training, and routine measures to combat the specific problem and prevent relapses or the condition becoming worse.

Medical conditions

  • Acute and chronic neck pain and restricted movement, with or without radiation into the arms or head
  • Pain in the thoracic spine and ribcage
  • Acute and chronic low back pain and restricted movement, with or without radiation into the buttocks and legs
  • Headache and certain types of dizziness cause by problems in the neck
  • Pain and restricted movement following an accident


A detailed record of the symptoms and a precise clinical examination together with the necessary imaging and other investigations allow us to make the diagnosis. Only then can we identify the disordered structures or functions causing the pain and offer appropriate treatment.

Chiropractic offers a broad spectrum of mainly manual therapy techniques, adapted to the individual needs of the patient:

  • Pain modulating treatment for muscle and connective tissue
  • Flexion-distraction therapy
  • Mobilisation and manipulation of the joints

Chiropractic manipulation has precise specific effects, with minimum force required to act on the mobile segments of the spine. In addition to improving the mobility of the spine, chiropractic treatment reflexively relieves pain, improves local blood circulation, and relaxes the surrounding muscles.


So that our patients can benefit from targeted therapy, our main goals are a better understanding of the causes of pain in the region of the spine and the mechanisms of action of chiropractic treatment. Our Interdisciplinary Spinal Research (ISR) group is responsible for the planning, development, and execution of research projects. The ISR group is a multidisciplinary team that carries out not only experimental research with healthy volunteers and patients but also clinical research. Systematic literature reviews also look at the possible mechanisms of action of chiropractic treatment. Several projects are being carried out together with other local, national, and international research teams. Further information on the team and the projects can be found at: www.painresearch.ch.

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Dr. Daniel Mühlemann

Head of Chiropractic Medicine

+41 44 386 16 00

Further information

Dr Daniel Mühlemann and his team are experienced chiropractors who are leading figures in their field throughout Switzerland. They treat patients with many different diseases and conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. At the same time, the outpatient clinic is a training centre for future chiropractors. 

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