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Dr. Anke Langenfeld, PhD

Anke Langenfeld, PhD
Clinical position
Research chiropractic

Honors and awards

Scientific Award Poster Presentation

  • Development and validation of a self-administered neck mobility assessment tool (S-ROM-Neck) in chronic neck pain patients
  • 2016: The Swiss Association for Manual Therapy (SAMT-SSTM) 


  • Physioswiss, 2014: Translation and validation oft he Orebro Musculoskeletal Pain Questionnaire 3100 CHF

Scientific projects

  • Patient`s perspective on neck pain
  • Outcome measures in neck pain
  • Spinal Stiffness in microgravity

Other activities


  • 1. Poster presentation at WCPT 2017, Cape Town, SA:
    • Development of a self-administered neck mobility assessment tool (S-ROM-Neck) in chronic neck pain patients: A prospective cohort study. Langenfeld A, Bastiaenen C, Sieben J, Swanenburg J,
    • Cervical spine disability in correlation with subjective voice handicap in patients with voice disorders: A cross-sectional study. Langenfeld A, Bohlender JE, Swanenburg J, Brockmann-Bauser M
  • 2. Poster presentation at WIP 2014, Maastricht, NL and oral presentation at the svomp Symposium 2015, Winterthur, CH: Prognostic factors for recurrences in neck pain patients up to 1 year after chiropractic care. Anke Langenfeld, B. Kim Humphreys, Jaap Swanenburg, Cynthia Peterson.
  • 3. Poster presentation at the EFIC 2013, Florence, IT and oral presentation at the svomp Symposium 2013, Winterthur, CH: Validity and reliability of a German Version of the Neck Disability Index (NDI-G) by Jaap Swanenburg, Kim Humphreys, Anke Langenfeld, Florian Brunner, Brigitte Wirth. Manual therapy. 2013
  • 4. Poster presentation at the IFOMPT Congress 2012, Quebec, CA: Low back pain patient`s self-report of pain and disability compared to pressure pain algometry: A pilot study. Langenfeld A and Humphreys BK


Chiropractic Medicine
Interdisciplinary Spinal Research (ISR)

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