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Therapies and counselling

In rehabilitation we aspire to restore lost functions as much as possible, or to find ways of compensating.

We offer our patients a wide range of therapies, in line with the concept of scientifically confirmed effectiveness. Our researchers in robotics at Balgrist University Hospital have already developed several appliances – including the Lokomat®, FLOAT, and Armeo®. The Lokomat® and FLOAT offer great support in the treatment of patients with spinal cord injuries who have the potential to walk again, as they allow intensive gait training at a very early stage of rehabilitation. Scientific studies have shown how important it is to start early and intensive training in such cases. The Armeo® in turn supports patients with paralysed upper limbs. With this device, shoulder and arm functions can also be trained at an early stage.

Experts from the various branches of therapy are also active in our research. In this way, we achieve a fruitful alliance of clinical experience and university research.

Paraplegia and tetraplegia often lead to changes in many different aspects of life. Our counselling departement assists our patients to meet the challenges. We want our patients to achieve the best possible psychosocial and occupational reintegration.


Physiotherapy paraplegia
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Occupational therapy paraplegia and tetraplegia
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Social counselling
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