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Social Counselling Balgrist – we’re here for you

Do you know what social security benefits you can claim in the event of illness or disability? We offer discreet individual advice on these matters, at no cost to the patient.

Anyone who experiences an illness or accident is faced with a series of completely new challenges. Without professional support from social counsellors, those affected may find themselves overwhelmed. As the amount of time spent in hospital is often relatively short, arrangements for the period following discharge need to be made swiftly.

Our social counselling services help patients and their relatives to deal with social, insurance-related and financial problems, focussing on difficulties associated with the hospital stay. The social counselling services provided are based on the principle of “capacity building”, offering organisational support to enable the patients themselves to develop and implement a solution that meets their needs.

The earlier you contact us before admission to hospital, the more time we have to work out a good solution together.

Our expertise at a glance

  • Preparation for discharge from hospital, with all the associated questions for the subsequent period
  • Organisation of medically prescribed convalescence and rehabilitation stays following time in hospital
  • Mediation of assistance services
  • Clarification of social security matters in connection with illness, accident or disability
  • Clarification of the financing of additional costs associated with illness or disability, such as aids or assistance.

Our social counselling services are provided free of charge and in close collaboration with medical and nursing staff and therapists.


Please contact us to book an appointment, or if you have any questions.

+41 44 386 12 62
+41 44 386 12 55

Portrait photo of Dagmar Schmidt
Dagmar Schmidt
Head Social Counselling

Portrait photo of Sabrina Iten
Sabrina Iten
Deputy Head Social Counselling

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